Commission Que:
Commission Que:

This is my commission lineup. The break down is pretty simple artwork that is ‘Oh hold’ either have not paid yet, or I am still waiting on approval to continue working. ‘Working’, is art that I have been paid for, and received the okay to continue working on. Art listed in either ‘Up next to finish’ or ‘Needs to be scanned and emailed’ will be completed soon, and commissioners should expect contact in the next few days.

Email is:
Terms of Service:

Commissions are currently: closed until further notice

Oh hold:


Up next to finish:
Rex_Swiftwind: Bloody Sketch
Cetas: Headless Horsemen

Done needs scanning/emailing:

Waiting list:
Cetas: Ichabod Crane

Idol's Commission Terms of Service
Terms of Service

Requesting A Commission:

When commissions are available, a journal will be posted stating that they are available. Individuals that are interested may send an email or note me via FurAffinity outlining what type of commission they would like to have including any references that can be offered of their character(s).
Commissions listed on my commission sheet are those that are constantly available when commission status is green.
Other special commissions will be listed via journal or posted artwork on my FurAffinity.


There are some changes to my payment since I know money runs tight nowadays for many of us.
When the commission is confirmed and begins, I will offer a preliminary sketch for approval to which the commissioner may add up to three major revisions before it adds up to complete commission payment. Upon completion the commissioner may request the .psd file and any resolution they may desire.

Paypal is

Terms of Cancellation:

I have allowed a chance to cancel a commission up to a certain time during the commission period. Once this period has passed, cancellation will no longer be offered. However, edits to the commission will be continued until the commissioner is fully satisfied with the work!

Terms of Art Use:

The commissioner retains all rights to characters of your own creation if used within the commissioned work. The commissioner retains rights to repost the works commissioned for a NON profit manner, with no need for credit given. Cropping, added text, and using the art for personal websites is all fine.

They may not however, claim reproduction rights to the art. The right to reprint the art is NOT part of these rights, this includes but is not limited to: Artwork prints, book covers, game books, CD covers. Art may not be used in any way that the commissioner profits from directly. I am open to discussion of selling the reproduction rights to art to the commissioner either before a commission start, or after it’s completed.

I retain the right to repost the art here, my tumblr, along with other online art archives. You may request to have a watermark added to commissioned work. I also retain the right to reuse art as part of a personal portfolio, or as examples for future commissions.

Communication with the Artist

Please make all communication with the artist via email unless you have an emergency question. Failure to communicate may result in a freeze of your commission and you will be moved to the bottom of my list so I may continue work on other work. Once I hear from you, approving continuance of your work, I will continue it.

My email is:

You are free to email me at any time with questions, concerns, etc. I will respond as promptly as I am able.

What I will do?

~Couples: Suggestive images only; no sexual acts
~ Anthro
~ Lingerie
~ Artistic Nudity

What I will NOT do?

~ Genitalia
~ Smut
~ Fetish *feel free to email if any questions*
~ Morbidly Obese
~ Couples engaged in sexual acts
~Any existing cartoon characters (mlp, anime, etc.)

If there are any questions, please contact me. I am reasonable and open to discussion about a few things.


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